From Japan to the World

I want everyone to know the culture of Japanese soba and Japanese food that Shinshu Togakushi soba thinks all over the world. With that in mind, we are promoting exports to each country.
Besides, it is served by Japan Airlines and other in-flight meals in the international line and is served by everyone around the world.

■ Adopted for international in-flight meals

From 19 **, we started the business with JAL loyal Catering Co., Ltd. Our soba has a long-lasting flavor and texture after boiling, so it can be handled on international flights.
The soba for in-flight food is specially developed, but it is the result of our evaluation of our soba making technology.


■ Sale at department stores in various countries such as South Korea and Taiwan

Due to the health boom, Japanese soba and udon noodles are becoming more popular overseas.
We have started offering at department stores in South Korea and Taiwan through trading companies. We hope that more and more people will continue to enjoy genuine Japanese soba.

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