Quality of Soba

We face Soba seriously for making ideal Soba.

Since its founding, inheriting the first president’s spirit, which he always said that we have to make delicious foods,
we always pursue making more delicious Soba.
President and chairman have a license of the first-class noodle-making technician and keep researching Soba’s taste and
how they are kneaded for manufacturing in a factory. our know-how that is the technique for quick, delicious, and
inseparable noodle-making is very special.
Especially “Shinsyu Hon-juwari Soba” is Soba-noodle which is made by 100% Soba flour. This Soba flour was developed by
our company and Nagano agriculture industry research. This Soba’s ingredient is only Soba flour, so it needs a
high-quality technique for making Soba. The company which has this technique are only two company in Japan.


About the ingredient

we use a wide variety of Soba flour and wheat flour, so we can make ideal Soba throughout the year. Agricultural crops
such as buckwheat and wheat have different tastes depending on the year of harvest, even if they are of the same
Rather than sticking to one type of powder, we are researching how to provide delicious and stable taste
under given conditions while looking at the balance between product taste and price, and manufacture products.
Sometimes we use the powder of each company and local government to commercialize it, but in that case, we will propose
products using materials that are compatible with each other while checking the taste of the ingredients.

About noodle-making

When making noodles, we pay attention to the season, temperature, humidity, etc., water, kneading time, aging temperature, etc., and strive to maintain the same quality at all times.

Dried Soba

One of the features of our dried Soba is that they are hard to cut and the noodles do not stick to each other even if they are 100% Soba flour noodles. We are also good at making soba noodles with other ingredients such as seaweed and green tea, and green tea soba is also used for in-flight meals on international flights such as JAL.
The drying technology for dried noodles is a unique technology developed by the current chairman through repeated research and has been highly evaluated by other companies in the same industry.


Half-dried Soba

Our half-dried soba is made by our original non-heat treatment method.
Most of the half-dried soba that is lined up in souvenir shops and mass retailers is steam-sterilized half-dried noodles. However, when the heat is applied, the taste and flavor of buckwheat are inevitably lost, so we make Soba by our non-heat-treated method. Because it is possible to finish half-dried by adjusting the water content, there is no loss of soba ingredients and umami due to heating, etc., and it is possible to store for 90 days at room temperature while taking advantage of the flavor and texture of raw soba.
Besides, we do not perform finishes that are not in the original soba making process, such as sprinkling starch powder on the finish, because it spoils the taste of soba.

Half-dried Soba

Raw noodles

Using stone milled buckwheat flour, which has a characteristic buckwheat scent, each one is made with a kitchen knife without using any preservatives or additives so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made raw buckwheat. It is finished in authentic raw soba with rich flavor.You can enjoy the taste of authentic Shinshu handmade soba noodles at home with gifts sent directly from the production area, which are packed with soup, fresh wasabi, shichimi peppers, and Nozawana.


100% soba flour Soba

Our 100% Soba flour Soba is a genuine 100% Soba flour Soba made only from Soba flour. It was manufactured and sold under the brand name of “Hon-juwari Soba” from 1991 to the present and received the 37th Food Industry Excellent Company Award in 2016. Most of the conventional dried-noodle production uses salt, but since this product does not use salt at all, the firm flavor and texture of 100% Soba flour noodles are very different from other companies.

100% soba flour Soba

For prevention of contamination (mixing of specific raw materials, etc.)

The most important thing in the production of 100% Soba flour is the prevention of contamination. Our company is more than 70 years old and the head office factory is more than 50 years old, but we always take measures to keep the production line clean and clean.
It is possible to manufacture 100% Soba flour noodles whose contamination is at risk, and even in regular quality inspections, it is below the standard value for contamination (not detected) and has been evaluated as a conforming product. In the noodle-making of “Hon-juwari Soba” mentioned above, the three companies in Nagano Prefecture started jointly in collaboration with the Nagano agricultural Industrial Research Institute, but two companies withdrew from manufacturing due to problems such as contamination. Currently, we, only one company, manufactures “Hon-juwari Soba”.

Machine maintenance and cleaning
Machine maintenance and cleaning will be carried out carefully.

wash the machine with water
When manufacturing 100% buckwheat noodles, we also wash the machine with water.