Thought for Soba

President & Representative Director Shinya Koide

Bringing the deliciousness and culture of soba to various parts of Japan and overseas

Since its founding in 1950, we have been striving to spread the soba culture that Shinshu is proud of. In the 1970s, we commercialized gifts for dried noodles (soba) and the development of half-raw noodles made by our method, which was still rare at that time. Moreover, we continue to make progress, such as the adoption of soba and Japanese noodles for international in-flight meals and commercialization of 100% soba noodles made from dried noodles, which is said to be impossible in the industry.

Our strength is a good quality. Many of our employees, including myself, have a license of the first-class noodle-making technician, and we are absolutely confident in the connoisseurs of raw materials. At our company, we blend multiple powders to prevent quality fluctuations, but even in that case, instead of putting the contents of the bag into the machine as it is, weigh each type manually and check the quality. We try to do the careful work that can only be done in a small factory. Not only Soba flour but also wheat flour used for the binder is carefully elected. Since a single powder is originally blended, it is possible to make soba with various tastes and characteristics. "Hon-juwari Soba", which is made only with Soba flour and water without using any binders or additives, has a taste that cannot be produced anywhere else. We have a wide variety of soba noodles, so please look for soba noodles that are close to your avorite taste and hometown taste.

Until now, our main markets have been department stores and high-end supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but in recent years, requests for commercialization from long-established soba stores and requests for the development of hometown tax refunds have increased. We are very pleased to have opened an online shop for individual customers so that more people can enjoy our products.

On top of that, we keep in mind that we are not just a “soba maker” but a “service industry” that satisfies our customers with delicious soba. We will continue to meet the needs of our customers to create "soba that has never been seen before" and "the most delicious soba that we have ever eaten."

customer-first principle. We are proud that we are always able to develop 20 to 30 products with soba alone, which is the result of repeated trial and error in product development together with our customers to meet the diversifying needs of our customers.

We will continue to make unremitting efforts to make soba noodles that you can keep in touch with.

President & Representative Director Shinya Koide